Automated AI Content Writer – WordPress Plugin

Clonaleur - AI Writer Wordpress Plugin

Generate AI content and publish directly to your WordPress site – effortlessly!

Produce fresh, relevant content on your WordPress site without lifting a finger. Our AI-powered plugin makes it a reality, transforming your favorite RSS feeds, Sitemaps, YouTube Channels (transcribing videos), and news publications into high-quality articles. Here’s how easy it is:

  1. Install: Get our user-friendly WordPress plugin up and running in minutes.
  2. Connect: Provide the URLs of your preferred data sources – blogs, news sites, product pages, you name it.
  3. Automate: Set your desired schedule, and watch as our AI engine works its magic, crafting compelling articles for your audience.

Key Features:

  • Effortless Setup: No coding or technical expertise required.
  • Diverse Content Sources: Supports a wide range of RSS feeds, Amazon products, YouTube channels, and news websites.
  • Customization: Multiple post-template options available, changing the article length, layout and style to meet your requirements.
  • Scheduling: Choose the frequency and timing of your automated posts.


  • Save Time & Resources: Free up your team to focus on other priorities.
  • Boost Engagement: Keep your audience engaged with fresh, timely content.
  • Increase Traffic: Attract more visitors to your website with regular updates.
  • Grow Your Brand: Establish yourself as a thought leader in your niche.

Don’t let content creation hold you back. Try our AI-powered WordPress plugin today and discover a new level of automation and efficiency.

Let me ask you this, do you have any of these problems that this plugin can solve?

Populating A New Site with Content

Problem : You have a new website, but need to fill it with content, but you are worried that filling it with newly published content may look artificial and fall into the “thin content” criteria.

Solution : Automatically populate your website with back dated content.

Building Topic Authority

Problem : You have an existing website that does not rank very well, however you would like to build SEO Topic Authority and perform this at a careful page.

Solution : Schedule an automation to post topics on a regular basis, such as weekly. Choose a source filled with content around your chosen topic, such as an RSS Feed or a particular website’s category listing page.

Publish Media Rich & Quality Content

Problem : You want the highest quality content to be produced and ensure that a feature image is used along with a video/reel/post from social media is utilized and embedded within the content.

Solution : Schedule multiple automations from various sources that contain the type of content you wish to emulate.

Create Written Content from Youtube

Problem : You wish to create written content from Youtube content, such as Podcasts or Videos, as you find the content compelling, fresh, new, or useful, and want to write about it.

Solution : Use our Youtube transcription feature to write general overviews of the content discussed in a video.

How to Install

First, download the Plugin and save it to your computer temporarily.

Login to your WordPress Admin and go to “Plugins”:

Next, select “Add New Plugin” towards the top left:

Then select “Upload Plugin”:

Now, click “Choose File” and select the downloaded plugin from your computer and then tap “Install Now”:

Once installed, take a look at the new menu option “AI Writer” will show and you can begin to get yourself underway:

Once installed, setup some sources of content inspiration that you would like to emulate and set it up on auto-pilot.